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digilive - email marketing serivces i india



As a rule of thumb, anything which gets your brand right in the palm of your user’s hand, don’t miss that opportunity. In the smartphone age, everyone has access to emails & SMS at the tip of their fingers. Huge amount of data, neatly sorted by age, income class, gender, profession, location is waiting to be bought and used in the right campaign at the right time. While Email marketing & SMS promotions have been around for a while, with the addition of real-time apps like WhatsApp, targeted marketing has gone to another level where communication is done through images & videos, in addition to text.

This form of marketing not only helps you reach out new customers in targeted demography but also goes a long way in retaining existing customers. Your loyal customers can get to know about latest offers & happenings on a regular basis so they don’t have to look for other brands. This hammer & shout technique is used by almost every business, so don’t lose out your new & existing customers to them.


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