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digilive e-commerce services in india

Digilive is the Best E-commerce Service Provider in Gurgaon and Delhi Ncr. We Believe in Customers Satisfaction is very important . we're having number of happy clients in India as well as abroad.

The internet boom, combined with smartphones and an ever-shrinking communication world means the explosion of e-Commerce. An e-Commerce portal enables you to sell your product/service to anyone in the world, at any time. There is no more the barrier of store timings or getting into the hassle of dressing up and driving an hour to the mall, then waiting another hour to find a parking spot. If you have a product or service that you sell offline, and you dont have an online store, you are not only missing out on customers to other brands who value convenience and ease of customers, but also losing out on a huge base of potential customers. There are various types of call-to-actions (CTAs) on websites like getting customer info through an appropriately positioned form, or getting them to call or text you but as far as CTAs are concerned, there is none bigger than a purchase or transaction, which is always the final conversion all marketing efforts are targeted to. Decisions are being made online, now more than ever.

Whether you are a traditional business, or a start-up with a great product idea, you can sell anything online. Food, clothing, accessories, tutorials, services, any stuff imaginable. The low cost of operation (No store rent, electricity & other costs) means this an attractive proposition for existing & new players in the market. Except for having your own portal, we can get you placed in relevant marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon and others. We are experienced in managing inventories and accounts across all networks, so you can concentrate on creating new things rather than micro-managing these portals.

From a trendy e-Commerce website, to designing your 360 degree digital strategy, and getting you featured on influencers’ blog and social media channels, we take care of everything. Jump in, already!


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